Bully Cyberstalks Lesbian Couple After They Questioned a Man in Women's Room

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Ah, Los Angeles! The City of Angels! The home of Tinseltown! What would we ever do without it? Ask any conservative columnist and they will tell you that L.A. has become a never-ending source of material as it competes with the Bay Area in the Miss Dumpster Fire portion of the Worst Cities in America Contest. And so off to Los Angeles we go.


On Father's Day, a lesbian couple decided to take their family to the Angel City Brewery following a Dodgers game. No surprise there. As expensive as things are in L.A., it was probably cheaper to go to a restaurant than to eat ballpark food. The last time I was at a ballpark, I darn near needed medical attention after seeing the price for a dog and a beer. 

According to The Publica, the Angel City Brewery is known as a family-friendly restaurant and brew pub. One of the women named Alexis, along with her partner, took her four-year-old nephew to the women's bathroom. If you have ever been out and about with small children, you know that such a necessity arises from time to time. Alexis noticed a family with three little children and a trans woman who was staring at her and her nephew. In her own words:

I politely told him ‘I think you should use the men’s restroom. Also considering there are children here. I am sorry but I just don’t feel comfortable with a man in here.’ He said he wasn’t a man, he’s a trans woman, so too bad. I told him it’s not that I have anything against gays, trans… nothing. You are loved but I just don’t feel comfortable. Especially since children are here. Have a good one.


Back at the table, a manager and the trans woman approached Alexis and her party, telling them that they needed to leave.

@lexthegreat33 They said kids dont matter ! Thats what made me so mad! #kidslivesmatter #losangeles #fyp ♬ original sound - Smile you’re beautiful

Since the incident, Alexis and her partner have been the subject of attacks by Danesh Noshirvan, who describes his work as a “fee-for-service online and telephonic cyberstalking service.” Noshirvan has publicly exposed Alexis and her partner and put their safety and her partner's business at risk. She has received odious messages from other people, hoping that she dies or that child protective services will take away the family's children. 

What was Alexis' crime? Did she attack the trans man? Did she denigrate or belittle him? Did she deny his right to exist? None of the above. Her alleged "crime" in this case, was asking the man to show some consideration for others. Her offense was asking this person to show some consideration. As Alexis commented, “Women’s rights are slowly fading away thanks to men. Women’s rights matter! Women are being forced to accept trans identity by people who don’t even accept their own.”


She is right. However, due to the inherent narcissism of the age, the fact that an entire generation seems to have been raised with fewer morals than a feral child, and the fact that the trans movement has become the latest engine of social destruction, consideration is a commodity in scarce supply. The only thing that matters now is the desires rather than the needs of the individual who won the gold medal in the Intersectional Olympics. And competition for the top slot is fierce. 



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