After Riley Gaines Incident, College Mom Says SFSU Is Off the Table for Her Children

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No matter what their political views may be, most people are able to recognize violence and chaos, even from a distance, and those people of conscience want nothing to do with it. A guerrilla lifestyle may make headlines and may even garner attention from the media and an array of sycophants, but when all is said and done, most sane people want as much real estate as possible between them and the slavering, violent packs of coyotes that haunt the streets, the newsrooms, and the halls of academia, pursuing a never-ending quest for some form of social justice that does little than provide a moment of self-aggrandizement.


Such is the case with Jenn Cheng, a California mom of two teens, a son and a daughter. After watching a group of pro-trans protestors devolve into a pack of rabid animals during Riley Gaines’ speaking engagement at San Francisco State University (SFSU), Cheng decided that her children’s tuition money would be better spent elsewhere. For a refresher, here is a video of the “Lord of The Flies” response to Gaines’ appearance:

All that is missing is a loincloth-clad dance around a half-roasted mastodon, some skulls on sticks, maybe some ritual cannibalism, or perhaps even a sacrifice to the demons. Had Gaines not sought a secure space, any one of those may well have ensued.


I have no idea what Mrs. Cheng’s political allegiances may be, but she recognizes insanity when she sees it. According to Campus Reform, Cheng penned this email to Dr. Jamillah Moore, the Vice President of Student Affairs:

I am the mother of 2 almost college-aged California teens, one of them a female just like Riley Gaines. SFSU is no longer a consideration for either of them, as violence against women, even once, is absolutely intolerable.

I demand to know what action you’re going to take against the violent mob that attacked Riley Gaines on your campus. If you support feminism in the slightest bit, please stand up for women in the face of oppression.

Best Regards,

Jenn Cheng

Mrs. Cheng raises a valid point, but I think that her demand is in vain. True, this was violence against a woman, an actual woman at that, but Gaines is not a woman who has yielded her gender or her soul to that “greater good” under which so many atrocities have been perpetrated throughout human history. Under such auspices, the idea of basic civility is jettisoned for groupthink.

While Mrs. Cheng did not say as much, she obviously has concerns for the safety of her children. The mob that pursued Gaines was not interested in merely disagreeing; it wanted her head on a platter. And not only was the administration “absent,” but it would also appear that those in charge of maintaining student safety were complicit in the incident.


Refusing to send one’s children to SFSU and similar schools is a good first step. The thornier issue is what will happen when these rabid miscreants receive their diplomas and enter the “real world.”



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