Photoshop Faceplant: Leftist Hit on Trump Fails

Paul Sakuma

You know, for about $75, your local community college probably offers enrichment courses on all sorts of things. Our nearby college provides classes on how to play the bagpipes, make a pot out of clay, arrange flowers, take a picture, start an Etsy store, and for all I know, creative shoe-tieing. I’m pretty sure that with a little effort, one can find a class on how to use Photoshop without embarrassing oneself. Such a class would probably have benefitted the Leftist who decided to try his or her hand at a deep fake of Donald J. Trump. If you are going to attempt a character assassination, at least put in the effort to make it look plausible. I mean, c’mon man! You’re not even trying now.


(Thank you, Catturd ™)

Sure, the guy next to Epstein looks like Trump. But he could also pass for John Kerry at first blush. So there’s that. But here’s a pro tip: if you’re going to smear someone, try to lay off the weed before you open the Photoshop program. Oh, and friends don’t let friends post drunk. As NBC used to say, “The more you know!”

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Yes, there are photos of Trump with Epstein. Epstein made an effort to worm his way into as many elite circles as possible. And people seem to forget the story of Trump giving Epstein the heave-ho from Mar-A-Lago based on his behavior. And let us also be mindful that while there were all sorts of gymnastics performed to hide the flight manifests on the Lolita Express, had Donald Trump canoodled with underage girls at Epstein’s pervert paradise, that would have been leaked and launched into the air like a Roman candle years ago. Something like that would have been far too juicy to save for an October Surprise. Trump could never be accused of behaving like a lieutenant in the Salvation Army, but if he had participated in the sickness on Epstein’s island, it would have been the lead story for the rest of our lives. Our great-grandchildren would be reading about it.


And if the Leftists are going to post something like that, they lose the chance to yowl “Whataboutism!” when I bring up the point that the various peccadilloes and perversions on their side seem to go largely unacknowledged. Why is that? Well duh, they’re Leftists. After all, no one is up in arms about the cozy relationship between Epstein and JP Morgan Chase. In particular, this exchange between Epstein and JP Morgan Chase exec Jes Staley:

Staley: Say hi to Snow White.

Epstein: What character would you like next?

Staley: Beauty and the Beast

Epstein: Well one side is available.

Nothing to see here, citizen. Move along.

For that matter, I understand that while I was gone, there was some sort of ceremony or something in England. Apparently, the throne previously occupied by a woman of dignity, poise, and grace was officially given to a clueless, privileged, unfaithful, out-of-touch scion. Prince Andrew, who had a smashing old time with Epstein, attended said coronation wearing the traditional garter robes. One would have thought that someone would have sat Andrew down and said, “Look, you, this here is gonna be a classy event, and youse ain’t welcome. Maybe youse should go bowlin’ or somethin’ until we’re done. That way your nose will stay where it is.” Although I am sure that the people at Buckingham Palace would have expressed that sentiment with a great deal more aplomb.


On the other hand, you can just take the stupid picture at face value and run with it. I am sure some author someplace has already begun penning the next New York Times bestseller and summer page-turner, The Girl with the 30-Foot Arm. It should be available at an airport near you, soon.


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