Feral College Students Destroy a Bible at a TPUSA Event

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There was another college protest this week, and, as usual, narcissistic terrorists-in-training, who simply could not abide the notion that ideas other than their own might exist, were out in force to demonstrate their victimhood by being as nasty and cruel as possible to other people.


This time, it was Tuesday at the State University of New York in Albany. Turning Point USA had invited Ian Haworth, a conservative columnist, speaker, and podcast host to speak. The College Fix reported that the protestors were not just unruly, but cruel and destructive. Haworth tweeted this:

The most socialist thing I’ve ever seen is a bunch of deranged students screaming “no cops, no KKK, no @TPUSA” at a Jewish immigrant while also happily shoveling free pizza down their throats paid for by…@TPUSA!

That was part of the threads below. You will have to read the full threads to see just how ridiculous and potentially dangerous things were.


Yes, they destroyed a Bible, danced in a conga line, and showed their strength by helping themselves to free pizza that had been provided for attendees. Brave, selfless, and sacrificial to the last.

It seems that every time I read about college students on a rampage and throwing nuclear-powered tantrums, I always think back to The Island of Dr. Moreau. It was originally a book Witten by H.G. Wells in 1896 and has been through multiple cinematic iterations. If you are not familiar with it, it is essentially a sci-fi/horror story about a man who experiments on animals in an attempt to turn them into human beings. The experiments fail, of course, and the human-animal hybrids begin to regress. Bloody carnage ensues. Either the science is faulty or the man-beasts simply cannot cope with the demands of being human. Or maybe it is a combination of both. In some ways, the story is a critique of man’s desire to tamper with the world around him. Others have opined that the films offer a glimpse into the basest nature of human beings. Read the book, see the movies, and decide for yourself.

The 1996 version, with the unlikely cast of Marlon Brando, Val Kilmer, David Thewlis, Ron Perlman, and Fairuza Balk, was panned by most critics and was a disaster to shoot, according to Hollywood legend. But it still delivers on the ick factor in more than one scene. For example, the climax in which the beast men have rebelled and taken control of the island:



See if you can spot the differences between that scene and your average college protest these days. Aside from the absence of firearms (so far) at these campus tantrums, I couldn’t find any. The students are feral, driven by instinct and passion, and have abandoned critical thought. And like the beast men, college students want to be told that they are gods. The sole arbiters of right and wrong and the determiners of history.

But, as Thewlis asks, who will be God Number One? Will it be the trans community? They are certainly the current heroes and victims. But what about black people? Would not all of those students post “Black Lives Matter” signs in the windows and on their campuses? Or will they all bend a knee to abortion rights and make that the hallmark of their new world? What place in the liberal pantheon can Hispanics and immigrants expect to assume? When they have ousted, murdered, or exiled the last conservative or moderate—or, more importantly, the last cis-gendered white man—to whom will they turn to order their society and their lives?  Who will make the laws that govern this new utopia? Who will be God Number One?

They will never find that person. In part because no one has ever shown them that socialist societies built on foundations of violence do not work. Witness the Soviet Union, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, or Hitler’s Germany. They all crumble, often sooner than their proponents expected. Furthermore, these student protestors are too vicious, too uninformed, and frankly too evil to see beyond the need to satiate their blood lust. They have no idea of the society that they are trying to shape. And they have no idea that they will turn on one another, tooth and claw, when we are gone. They don’t want equity. They want the power to enforce and oppress because each of them believes that he or she is God Number One.



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