Battle of the Boxes: GOP Demands Search of Biden's Senate Records

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Before Biden was a bumbling, dissembling, agendized President, he was a bumbling, dissembling, agendized Vice President. Prior to that, he was a bumbling, dissembling, agendized senator. Now that boxes of classified documents hidden by the president seem to be appearing like bed bugs during a health inspection of a seedy motel, the GOP wants a closer look not just at Biden’s Veep docs but also at sealed papers from his days in the Senate that he has donated to the University of Delaware. Back in 2020, during Biden’s presidential run, the University said that it would not release the documents and was still in the process of curating them. At the time, it was speculated that the papers would shed light on the claims of sexual abuse against Biden by Tara Reade.


But in light of the recent spate of documents that keep popping up like a sordid game of Whack-A-Mole, House Republicans are renewing the call for the release of the papers and the chance to look through them. New Jersey rep Jeff Van Drew told Fox Digital:

(The) American people are tired of the double standard and the two-tiered system of justice that is perpetuated by the current administration. No stone should be left unturned and every single establishment that is associated with Joe Biden must be searched. More documents are being revealed day by day, so they all must be examined in order for investigations to be thoroughly conducted We need to know what classified material President Biden unlawfully removed during his time as senator and Vice President, and exactly how many classified documents were removed. House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan has already announced that we will be conducting a probe into the Justice Department’s handling of classified documents; it is time for this administration to be honest and transparent with Congress and the American people.

Georgia’s Austin Scott, who is a member of the House Intelligence Committee, commented that the “President has demonstrated a concerning lack of care when handling classified documents at seemingly all stages of his career.” And Ben Cline of Virginia said that an examination of the material was needed to determine if it contained classified information.


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Fox also reported that the University of Delaware has over 1,850 boxes of Biden’s documents, and the information will not be released until the papers have been properly archived and opened to public scrutiny with Biden’s consent. So that could be sometime around never if Biden or his handlers choose.

Of course, the process may get a bit more cumbersome now that a small number of documents have been found at Mike Pence’s home. And while those on the Left will use that information to thwart those on the Right, PJ Media’s Rick Moran makes the point that none of these people — Biden, Trump, or Pence — should have left office with a trove of documents like the Grinch making off with a sack full of Christmas decorations. Republicans should not take a cue from Democrats and downplay the issue with Pence the way that Democrats have done with Biden. Democrats love to obscure the facts just because the offender in question leans their way politically. It only illustrates their dishonesty, and conservatives should never fall into that trap.



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