Keep Hype Alive: Pennsylvania Dems Want a J6 Day in Schools

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Sigh. It never ends. I mean it never ends. The issue of January 6 has moved beyond macabre fascination and into the realm of a fetish for the Democrats. Of course, when your fetish can also be turned into a political tool, I suppose you have hit the jackpot.


The January 6 National Holiday has not become a reality yet, but the legislative year is young and Dems everywhere seem intent on milking this cow until it is not only dry but also tips over in the barn. Three members of the Pennsylvania statehouse are laying the groundwork. Sen. Art Haywood (D- 4th district) and Reps. Chris Rabb (D-200th district) and Ed Neilson (D-169th district) all plan to support legislation that will create a January 6 observance day in Pennsylvania schools. They all represent districts in Philadelphia and by not-so-startling coincidence are all Democrats.

Haywood has issued a memorandum that he will introduce the legislation to honor the nine people who died during the incidents, including five police officers, according to the memo. The language is inflammatory and calls the rioters “armed and trained insurrectionists” who “executed a planned and violent attack to stop Congress from carrying out the electoral college process required by the U.S. Constitution.” The memorandum alleges that 9,400 rioters surrounded the Capitol and “clashed with police.”

The rioters fought their way in with baseball bats, tasers, chemical agents, hockey sticks, fire extinguishers, broken pieces of infrastructure and brought and stolen military-grade equipment. They sought out the Vice President, Members of Congress, and their staff, who narrowly escaped with their lives. They destroyed large parts of the historical building and ruined priceless artifacts as they invaded and vandalized the Senate and House chambers.

On 6 January 2021, members of the U.S. Capitol Police Department and the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department faced the unprecedented situation of defending the U.S. Capitol building from armed and trained insurrectionists. The rioters executed a planned and violent attack to stop Congress from carrying out the electoral college process required by the U.S. Constitution.


The officers are  Howard Liebengood, Brian Sicknick, Kyle DeFreytag, Gunther Hashida, and Jeffrey Smith.

According to Just the News, Rabb and Neilson have issued similar proposals to support a January 6 resolution. Rabb stated:

This legislation is about embracing truth and being a country that is actively engaged in fighting systems of oppression. This moment demands reconciliation with a clear-eyed and honest assessment of what it will take to get back on the path toward atonement and healing that we so desperately need.

The GOP has a narrow margin in the House and controls the Senate, so the resolution could pass the House, but many Republicans see the idea and language as partisan. Senate State Government Committee Chairman Cris Dush (R-25th district) said during a meeting to consider a different bill, “There’s not been one single charge against any of those people for insurrection. So, in this committee, we are not using that term.”

The last time I checked, Philadelphia had a slew of problems that needed to be addressed, including drug addicts wandering the streets like the walking dead. I would think that these legislators would be more concerned with fighting for the well-being of their districts as opposed to indulging in legislative kabuki.

The resolution is not about honoring anyone. It is about making sure that a wound stays open and infected. It is about reminding everyone of the trauma the Democrats experienced and how we should all continue to live in fear of Mega-MAGA-Mechanized Republicans. This is triggering and trying to create a national safe space from conservatives. This is about Democrats being able to shriek, “What about January 6?” every time it looks like things may not go their way. It isn’t about healing a supposed “national wound”; it’s about aggravating one.


And Democrats know that the best way to view J6 is not by putting it into context, telling the complete truth, or even releasing all of the footage from that day. Their preferred approach is to exploit the incident, whenever and wherever possible, until the Leftists become perpetual victims and conservatives become the perpetual villains. At this point, it is playacting and grandstanding. I am sure that a feature dramatization is in the works somewhere, if not a yearly live reenactment complete with a candlelight vigil.

It is one thing to address a serious incident. It’s quite another to politically profit from it.


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