Weekend Parting Shot: The Joker Is…Preggers?

Jerry Robinson

Happy and joyous Friday, one and all. At last check, the variety show known as The Speaker Election had adjourned until 10 p.m. EST. *Yawn.* Somebody call me when Matt Gaetz nominates Scooby Doo.


In yet another display of how a once-great nation crumbles not from invasion or natural disaster, but a slow slide into bad craziness, there is a blessed (?) event to announce to you comic book fans. The Joker is expecting. As in pregnant. Yes, that Joker. Batman’s arch nemesis, who, I assume, will need to take a break from ravaging Gotham City for a baby shower and his federally mandated paternity (maternity) leave. As far as we know, the Clown Prince of Crime still identifies as male, if you are concerned about such things. No gender dysphoria here, Bat Fans. But if there was, you had darn well better have been prepared with the Bat Lipstick, Bat Heels, and be ready to be a Bat Ally. Not to mention the Bat Hormones.

Holy epidural, Batman! Or is that Batwoman? Batperson? Batself? Man, this woke crap gets into everything.

I am only familiar with two incarnations of the Joker. The first is as he was portrayed by Cesar Romero from the old 1960s series that was in reruns when I was a kid. The second is Jack Nicholson’s brilliant turn in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman:


(To be honest, I’ve said that about every place I’ve ever lived.)

As I understand it, Heath Ledger did the role justice, and Joaquin Phoenix brought a whole new dimension to the part. But I am not a comic book guy, so I’m not up on my superheroes. I checked multiple media sources since it has been at least 4.9 decades since I spent any time in the DC Universe. According to the site Comicbook.com, the story:


…finds Joker and his gang attempting to steal all of the water from the Gotham River. Luckily, Zatanna shows up to stop the Clown Prince of Crime in his tracks. Strung upside down, Zatanna drops Joker into a pile of mud on the ground. After Joker comments on how they’d make a lovely family, Zatanna casts a backward spell that states, “No one else will ever have your baby!”

Back at his criminal lair, Joker wakes up the next morning to discover his belly has grown larger, all thanks to a magic baby Zatanna implanted. Doctor Phosphorous is called in a hilarious bit to help deliver the baby, which comes out of Joker’s mouth as a small mud monster. The baby later transforms into a smaller version of The Joker, and they pay Zatanna a visit to let her know how they could have been a lovely family together.

Okay, then.

Some were angered that the Joker had apparently gone woke, but others opined that the pregnancy was a result of magic and took place in an alternate universe. Writer Matthew Rosenberg laughed the whole thing off. Alternate universe? When did comics get so complicated?

Whether the story is a not-so-veiled reference to men getting pregnant or not, it was only a matter of time before the Joker took a hit. They’ve messed with pretty much everyone else in comics, including adding a female Thor. Why not a pregnant Joker? At some point, I guess he has to stop battling the Caped Crusader and head off to a Lamaze class.


Wine Recommendation

Because good wine doesn’t have to break your budget.

One of my personal favorites is a very affordable sauvignon blanc from Line 39, named after the 39th Parallel in California, where the vineyard is located. It’s a standard in the Brown house.

Line 39 wine
(Image credit: Lincoln Brown)

It has an understated but pleasant bouquet; it is crisp, finishes nicely, and is dry but without a bitter aftertaste. You can taste a bit of citrus and other fruits, and just a hint of smokiness, but nothing overbearing. You can drink it at room temperature, or chill it a bit in the fridge first. While it is a nice way to end the day, there are more than a few who have used it for cooking. It pairs well with most appetizers, and compliments crab, shrimp, or oysters. I have actually paired it with beef, which, despite the fact that it is a white wine, works pretty darn well.

Or hell, just forget all of that and have a glass or two when you get home. It won’t put lead in your pencil but it will set you right with the world for a while.

That’s it for me. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday, when we welcome our new speaker of the House. (I can’t believe I just wrote that with a straight face.)



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