Pavlov’s Dogs Go to College

(AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)

College protesters. Do we call them spoiled? Do we call them entitled? Do we call them immature? Yes, we could make the case for all of those. But are they dangerous? Yes, increasingly so. In the not-so-distant past, the prospect of an ostensibly unwelcome speaker would have elicited angry students standing up with taped-over mouths or would have been limited to yelling and chanting. Those displays would have been followed by the offending parties stomping out of the room.

But why throw a fit when a fist is so much more effective? These days, the use of tape, chants, and defaced fliers has become passé. Violence is now becoming the preferred method of self-expression. Activists have now become guerillas. Or perhaps the word “mob” would be more apropos.

Matt Walsh paid a visit to the University of Wisconsin on Monday as part of his “What Is a Woman?” tour. In the wake of the movie of the same name, Walsh has been hosting events in different parts of the country, including the “Rally To End Child Mutilation” at the Tennessee State Capitol last week. Walsh was the school at the invitation which of course “triggered” certain members of the student body. Once they knew the name, the subject, and the date, it was time to spring into action.

The College Fix notes that the protests began with spray-painted graffiti around the campus early Monday morning. Closer to the time of the event protestors began chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, transphobia has got to go.” Of course, no leftist protest is complete without profanity and these young minds also came up with: “F*ck your system, f*ck your hate, we are not here for debate.” That last quote should tell you all you need to know about these people.

Not long after that, a Christian group showed up with a megaphone, signs, and Bibles. According to the site, they quoted Scripture and told the protestors that they loved them. The response from the protesters? “Sexist, racist, anti-gay, Christian fascists go away!” and a very eloquent rendition of, “F*ck Matt Walsh” and “Eat sh*it, f*ck you.” The Christian group climbed on top of a platform after being surrounded by college-educated protesters screaming vulgarities at them. A shoving match on the platform ensued before police broke things up. One of the Christians said that one of the protesters took his Bible and began eating the pages.

Eating the pages. Is this was a civilized person does? Is this what a person does? How does one become so deranged, so far removed from his own humanity that he eats a book as a matter of self-expression? Eating pages is something a child would do. Or a dog.

Campus Reform covered the event. Correspondent Lane Whitten was covering it for the site. He was carrying a camera in his left hand. He had a broken finger and was wearing a splint. One of the protesters told him to get the camera out of his face. Whitten explained he was a journalist, but the protester struck his hand, causing Whitten’s phone to fly into the crowd and the camera to fall to the ground. He tried to retrieve his phone but was surrounded by the mob who surrounded him and shouted “F**k you!” and “Get out of my f***king face!” Another of the crowd threatened to break his other “mother*king arm.”

Despite the attacks, vulgarity, and property damage, and one book eaten by a matriculated troglodyte, the University told Campus Reform:

While the event was largely peaceful and safe, there were a couple incidents that briefly escalated with some pushing and shoving. In those instances, our officers quickly stepped in to diffuse and de-escalate the situation. There were no arrests or citations issued at last night’s event.

Just the thing one would expect from an administration that does not want a pack of quasi-feral dogs, incapable of or unwilling to embrace rational thought, showing up at the administration building.

What is the root cause of this kind of insanity? The usual violence aside, what kind of mental break possesses a human being to eat book pages out of anger? Like the demons Jesus cast into the pigs, the causes are legion. Some can be chalked up to lives lived increasingly online, where these people can be whoever they want and do whatever they want. This in turn has led to some of the more ridiculous and pathetic videos we have seen of young people who enumerate their pronouns and their illnesses, real and imagined. With the advent of cell phones, these people’s worlds literally end at their noses.

They are also driven by college professors and high school teachers, pumped full of doctrines from the Frankfurt School who see themselves as latter-day Che Gueveras and use these students to make their fantasies a reality.

And these students, if that is indeed what they are at this point, have themselves often lived lives of privilege and indulgence. They have never lived in the real world. If they hear or see something that they do not like, like a toddler, they throw tantrums with the expectation that the “bad thing” will go away. Except when a toddler reaches the size and weight of your average college student, the tantrums become increasingly violent. They are unwilling or unable to reason, and emotionally and intellectually immature and, because of this, are easily manipulated.

Yes, these people will run companies one day and sit in government at all levels. The system has been redesigned to allow such scenarios. The chaos they create will in their minds, one day lead to a better world. And that allows them to vent the frustration that has been heaped upon them, some of it brought on by the world, much of it created by their mentors and the media they follow.

While questioning the status quo and challenging authority is always a good thing, what is frightening about the new generation of thugs is their inability to direct their questions and challenges in more than one direction. But driven by fatalism, nihilism, and perpetual thumb-sucking, they may be completely incapable of thinking in more than one dimension. Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and the affirmation that comes with them have placed them in a position where they simply cannot see beyond the feed.

And years of sheltering them from the realities of life and nurturing their self-esteem have made them see themselves as twisted versions of Nietzsche’s overman. While there have been comparisons between Nietzsche and the Third Reich, there are many who say he was no anti-Semite. And his writings are far more complicated than what one may glean from the surface, and chances are the students have never even wrestled with them. Which is essentially the problem. These people may believe they are superior, but they are not overmen, nor are they scholars or even activists. They are Pavlovian dogs, trained to drool, growl, bark, and even attack when the proper stimulus is presented.


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