The Thrill Is Still Gone. MSNBC Savaged by Viewers Over Chris Matthews’ Brief Return

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Oh, how the smug have fallen. Left-wing dinosaurs should learn that simply whining about Donald  Trump is not enough to get them back in the good graces of the woke police, who constantly (wo)man the unforgiving searchlights in a never-ending search to cancel, re-cancel, or re-re-cancel offenders of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions. Especially the white male ones.


None other than the personality formerly known as Chris Matthews made an appearance on Morning Joe on Thursday.  The purpose was to discuss the lawsuit mounted by New York State AG Letitia James against Donald Trump and his family. The New York Post notes that Matthews showed up on the program with a smirk and said:

“I think the president’s ice cream cone is melting. Clearly, he has gotten a lot of prestige from working people when they see all his wealth. They see the power of owning that house, that mansion on Fifth Avenue, of owning Mar-a-Lago, all the thing about his wealth. Everything is ‘I’ve got the biggest audiences of anybody. Largest audience for an inauguration of anybody in history.’ These big, bragging numbers are big part of Trump’s personality. The bragging and the bullying, they both work together. Little people, regular people, are impressed with all the money he’s got with his supermodel wife and everything going for him, but he’s got his daughter indicted with him…I’m serious. This is changing the look of what it’s like that household. He’s gonna tell his daughter ‘Sorry about this, sorry about getting you indicted, for getting you to sign things you shouldn’t have signed,’ But he treated his financial officer Allen Weisselberg like he treated Sean Spicer. Just like he told Spicer to go out and lie and tell everybody about how big his inaugural crowd was, he told him to enlarge the square footage of his apartment. I mean there is such a there is such a… Daniel Moynihan used to say ‘there are opinions but there are no new facts’  you just can’t create facts. He’s creating new facts about the square footage of his properties and the wealth he has, and he’s been lying.”


Believe it or not, he pretty much did that all in one breath. At least he’s finally learned to comb his hair.

However, viewers who remember Matthews striking out on Hardball after flirting with a journalist did not get a thrill up their legs, or any other part of their body, and lobbed a few hardballs of their own at the network via Twitter such as:

“Get that serial harasser and his s–t eating grin OFF MY TV.”

“MSNBC — you do NOT get to rehabilitate the odious Chris Matthews this way.”

“Why did MSNBC feel the need to resurrect Chris Matthews? Who has missed his opinion?”

“A plagiarist interviewing a serial sexual harasser is peak @MSNBC”

“No, he has no business returning.”

“Chris Matthews isn’t saying anything that others aren’t saying.  Why the rehabilitation tour for someone aptly let go for their terrible actions? Rewarding bad behavior.”

“Oh, FFS! Seriously?”

“New wig?”

There were a few viewers who were glad to see Matthews summoned from the Progressive Crypt via Joe and Minka’s Ouija board. One said: “He lost his job and admitted his guilt. He has paid for his behavior and like a criminal he served his time. Leave him alone. Not to mention he makes Morning Joe and company look like the light weights they are.” Another even went so far as to say “Wish he’d be back but MSNBC viewers are way too ‘progressive’ now.” All the same, MSNBC did not return requests for comment.


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On one hand, Matthews was just a privileged, arrogant lefty who got clipped for an off-hand comment that was stupid and sexist. On the other hand, Matthews was just a privileged, arrogant lefty who had it coming. He was handing out cancellations before cancellations were all the rage, and the fact that is, he got roasted on his own spit. Live by the cancel, die by the cancel.



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