Dems Don't Grasp the Reason Why Joe Biden Is Tanking in the Polls

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President Joe Biden is having another rough week. As disconnected as he is, due to either his mental status or his choice, even he should be able to read the tea leaves. But chances are the soothsayer who reads the leaves for him is presenting him with an entirely different reality than what appears to be shaping up. Of course, if the soothsayers fail him, the legacy media will be there to pick up any slack.


Speaking of slack, that would also be an apt word to apply to his approval ratings. The latest poll from the Economist and YouGov shows that the ratings for the ersatz commander-in-chief are down. Way down. The poll, conducted from September 4 through September 7, had Biden at a 50% disapproval rating, with 39% of respondents giving him a thumbs up.

By contrast, people across the nation it would seem are not opting for their thumbs so much as their middle fingers. Biden made a stop Tuesday in New Jersey in the wake of Hurricane Ida, and the reception was less than warm in some precincts. And the residents had choice words for him, most of which are unprintable. Some of the comments focused on the Afghanistan debacle, with at least one resident stating: “All this for a f— photo-op?…You ain’t gonna do s***!” And it would appear that a new cheer has replaced “Hook ‘em Horns!” and “Go Blue” at college football stadiums. The pithy, three-word chant popped up in multiple games. It even became popular at a Tuscaloosa bar. Whatever happened to “Sack that quarterback”? If nothing else, at least Joe finally appears to be unifying the country.

An administration and party that were perhaps not so tone deaf would take this as a sign to fall back and rethink their approach to governing. But there are no signs of that happening. In fact, as Dems push their $3.5 trillion spending bill, you may want to note that higher wage earners and people who inherit assets and corporations could be looking at tax hikes to foot the bill.  At first blush, that may not include you. It certainly does not include me. But tax hikes have a ripple effect, and I will bet that sooner or later you and I will feel the effects.  And Biden, Janet Yellen, and Elizabeth Warren are touting a plan  outlined in a Treasury document called “The American Families Plan Tax Compliance Agenda.” The short version is that the plan would force “all business and personal accounts from financial institutions, including bank, loan, and investment accounts to report gross inflows and outflows” to… you guessed it — the IRS. This could in theory include meals, Venmo and PayPal accounts, and cryptocurrency. Again, the move is ostensibly aimed at those on the upper end of the income scale and tax cheats, but chances are you will be in the mix, somewhere. Hey, a $3.5 trillion bill isn’t going to pay for itself, you know. And something tells me they are just getting started.


None of this is to say that the Left isn’t concerned about Biden’s numbers. In fact, the ratings have leftists very concerned that Biden’s lack of popularity could make it difficult for him to move forward with progressive agenda items through Congress.  And yet, at the same time, they cannot grasp the fact that while Biden himself is unpopular, his policies and actions have made him even less so.

Or perhaps they choose not to grasp or even look at that particular fact. When you believe that the ends justify the means, no matter the fallout from those ends, and when you control the media, big tech, and what passes for the free market these days, does the voice of the people, expletives included, even matter to you?

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