Top 5 Movies to Celebrate This 4th of July

Who can count on clear weather for picnics and fireworks everywhere in the world where an American is celebrating the Fourth of July? Somewhere it has got to be dark and rainy. If you have to spend your holiday inside with popcorn and a movie, here is an eclectic list of the top five top films for passing the time. These movies offer something for all red-blooded patriots of every size, shape, age, and interest. Each story reminds us that America is not just an exceptional nation, but that our great land is filled with exceptional people.

5. Lt. Dan Band: For the Common Good (2011)

Few Americans make us prouder to be an American than actor Gary Sinise. Gary dedicates all his free time to volunteer work on behalf of the military, veterans, first responders and their families. This film tells the story of Gary's band that tours the world performing benefit concerts. The story is inspiring—and the music is pretty awesome.