The 12 Sexiest Warplanes of All Time

In my office, I have a wall section filled with pinups.  I culled them from calendars over the years, choosing the ones whose sleek lines and aggressive poses I wasn’t yet done admiring.

Whenever possible, I seek out live shows or displays of these beautiful forms and generally have to be told it’s closing time to get my gawking self out of there.

Below are my dozen favorites.  This is not to diminish my great admiration for the lines of Tomcat, Eagle, Panther, Hornet, Mirage, Thunderbolt or Swallow, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

12. F4-U Corsair

Credit: Charles M. Daniels Collections by SDASM Archives

Her distinctive gull wings and the aerodynamic design are pretty, sure enough; but there is also a rugged power that comes through loud and clear. This airplane made the Marine Air Corps the terror of the Pacific skies, but it was just as deadly delivering ordinance to the ground. The hottest-looking radial engine fighter of all time.