The Best Christmas Movies of All Time

Christmas movies have become a family tradition for many. During the weeks leading up to Christmas, loved ones snuggle up together, often armed with buttery popcorn and hot cocoa, and repeat their favorite lines along with the characters in the Christmas movie they're watching. In fact, many families have a lineup of favorite Christmas movies that they rotate throughout the holiday season. There are several movies, however, that are universally loved and make it onto most families' viewing schedules. Below are the seven best Christmas movies of all time.

7. Home Alone

There is a disturbing trend afoot that slanders Kevin McCallister as a sociopath. I'm afraid that this out-of-context labeling of Home Alone's protagonist as a villain will put a damper on the wonderful treat that is one of the best Christmas movies of all time. Not only is the movie funny, action-packed, and replete with well-deserved comeuppance, it's also family-affirming and truly heartwarming. The early '90s film classic also reinforces the magical belief that resides in the hearts of children that good will overcome evil. Stop being a Grinch, Kevin McCallister haters!