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Joanne Nosuchinsky Has Finally Surfaced

Back in the days, ending last August, when the Fox News Channel’s "Red Eye" featured Joanne Nosuchinsky, the actress and comedienne provided a compelling reason to stay up and watch the show. For those on the West Coast, that means past midnight. For East Coasters that’s 3 a.m., a time slot for slackers, wired-up swing-shift workers, and the sleep-disordered.

It’s hard to deny the talk show took a hit when Nosuchinsky announced that she was leaving FNC to pursue her fortunes as an actress. That’s taking nothing away from host Tom Shillue, who has been yeoman-like in his efforts to keep the topical conversations flowing. Nosuchinsky had also become a regular on former Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld’s weekend show, "The Greg Gutfeld Show," where in addition to being a panelist, she also performed skits and street comedy with fellow comedienne Katherine Timpf.

Nosuchinsky is a tough act to follow. As a "Red Eye" panelist for two-plus years, she anchored the “leg chair” with humor and smarts. Her circuitous reasoning almost always worked its way back around to an enlightening thought, often a contrasting perspective that distinguished her from more politically oriented guests. A former Miss New York, Nosuchinsky brought to the show a quality one might euphemistically describe as “girl-power.”

Nosuchinsky recently surfaced in her first post-Fox appearance of note, starring in an MTV commercial.

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