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10 Songs That Prove the Love of Gen Xers Is Purer Than the 'Love' of Millennials

Based on the dearth of legitimate love songs in today's music, I fear for the future. I mean, have you heard what millennials try to pass off as love songs? Listen to the current mega-hit "We Don't Talk Anymore" by Charlie Puth and featuring Selena Gomez, for an example. "We Don't Talk Anymore" is a proud demonstration of the current view of love that believes physical and emotional distance as well as being served by someone else are normal attributes in a relationship. If that's representative of what millennials think, and it almost certainly is, the only possible conclusion is that Gen X may be the last generation to truly understand love.

Thankfully, the love songs of Gen X have survived (so far) the ongoing hurt feelings purge conducted by the tyrannically sensitive millennials. Following are the ten best Gen X love songs that prove that being loved by a Gen Xer means more than being "loved" by a millennial. Enjoy the following songs, while you still can.

10. "I'd Do Anything for Love"

Meatloaf spoke for all of us in 1993 when he confessed to his paramour that he'd do anything for love but THAT. That "that" confused Gen Xers because our selfless spirit found it difficult to comprehend not doing something for our significant others. Once we figured out what Meatloaf meant by that "that," we concurred.