The Unhappy Female, Brought to You by Feminism

American women, or “Western” women, have robbed Peter to pay Paul. This is the message of Andrea Tantaros' smart new book Tied Up in Knots. This is the same message I’ve championed for years, and I’m thrilled someone younger than I has finally addressed it.

Writes Tantaros:

My generation felt the deluge of motivational messages that encouraged us to capitalize on our newfound female power. While I'm truly thankful for this array of choices, nobody told us there would be consequences. It almost seems like we were duped, or unconsciously misled at best.

It seems as though you were duped, Ms. Tantaros, because you were.

Millions of women, and the men who love them, have been taught to believe that women cannot be fully actualized human beings without being liberated from the home. This conversation began with what was once called “women’s lib.”

From what, exactly, were we liberating women?

Certainly women wanted, and continue to want, more out of life than “just” to get married and have kids. But that doesn’t mean they do not want those things at all. The culture has settled on this bogus idea that husbands and babies are passé, but they are not passé in the least -- and the “more” has become too much more.