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Is Obama Disappointed by the Christian Response in Charleston?

Dimas Salaberrios Pastor Dimas Salaberrios holds a bible as he leads a prayer at a sidewalk memorial in front of Emanuel AME Church for the shooting victims at the historic black church Saturday, June 20, 2015, in Charleston, S.C. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Barack Obama seems awfully disappointed by how Christians in Charleston have used the Charleston atrocity to glorify God from the pulpit of Emanuel AME Church instead of looking to his Bully Pulpit.

I would wager that he said more favorable things about the Brown and Martin families than those courageous relatives of the Charleston 9.  And he expressed far more understanding about the reactions in Baltimore and Ferguson. Barack Obama never called rioting an “unimaginable” response to a justified police shooting; but that was his reaction to a call for Christian forgiveness.

In fact, the president got so pathetically desperate for attention this weekend that while people in Charleston were praising Jesus, he went on Marc Maron's cult podcast and dropped an N-bomb.

There, THAT ought to get everybody’s attention!

However, it really didn’t.  Even the president doing a professorial version of Snoop Dogg became a side issue, as the only speech that riveted the nation this week, about how we all ought to act as children of God, came from Rev. Norvell Goff of Emanuel AME Church.

But while Rev. Goff was assuring us that despite the darkness, because of the grace of God, “joy comes in the morning,” video was being released of the president of the United States in a Los Angeles garage assuring us that racism is in our DNA.

Ummmm, isn’t genetic destiny the basic message of… racists?

I bet Dylann Roof was into it.