How I Lost 25 Pounds without Having to Run


Over the years, I had made halfhearted attempts to lose weight and get in better shape and never seemed to have much luck. I had spent money on fat burners and tried diets that I couldn't keep. I even joined the new gym in town hoping it would be the answer to all my problems. But on September 13 of last year, I made a commitment. I was going to lose weight no matter what it took, and I set some goals to try to prevent losing weight from becoming another losing battle.

As of last Friday, I've lost 25 pounds, reaching my first goal. (I wish I had before-and-after pictures, but I didn't take one at the beginning.) I managed to lose this weight during a period that included vacation, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, so it wasn't always easy. I can tell a definite difference in the way I look. My clothes fit better, and I feel great. Several people have asked me what I've done, and my answer turns into a long one, because it's a combination of factors that have helped me.

The caveat to my weight-loss strategy -- I refuse to run. My sister and brother-in-law began training around the same time for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, and while I'm proud of them for it, running just isn't my thing. So, here are three actions I've taken that have contributed to my weight loss.