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4 Must-Read Memorial Day War Stories

IwoJima3 "I often hear tour guides telling their customers that the flag is never displayed at half mast at the Marine Corps Memorial. Oh yes it is." - Mark Baird

Editor's Note:  Discover innovative fiction writers at the recently-launched new media publishing platform Liberty IslandSee this collection of interviews and story excerpts from 22 of Liberty Island's writers. Please check out this interview Sarah Hoyt conducted with CEO Adam Bellow here to learn more: “It also has a unique mission: to serve as the platform and gathering-place for the new right-of-center counterculture.” An index of 8 more newly-released stories can be found here.

1. That In Those Times We Will Remember by David Churchill Barrow

2. Point Man by Ted Galacci

3. Shadows: A Danse Macabre in the African Desert by Roy Griffis

4. Even the Pilgrims Needed a Few Good Men: 'By the Sword Seek Peace' by David Churchill Barrow