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The Worst Software Company on the Planet

Flash users, beware:

Adobe on Monday disclosed a new vulnerability in its Flash platform that may allow attackers to remotely take over and control Macs, PCs, and Linux machines and advised users to update their system as quickly as possible.

The bug affects Flash Player and earlier on the Mac, Flash Player and earlier on Windows, and Flash Player and earlier on Linux. Adobe says that attacks exploiting this flaw have been discovered "in the wild," so users are strongly urged to apply the latest updates sooner than later.

I uninstalled Flash from my desktop and laptop years ago and never looked back. My computers run faster and my browsers crash almost never -- down from almost once a day, almost entirely due to Flash. Also, uninstalling Flash removed a major security weakness. There is no good reason to have it on any of your computers, especially with browser plugins available like FlashToHMLT5.

But it gets worse.

A few months ago I "subscribed" to Photoshop, because I thought I needed it again for a little something I was working on. The experience with Adobe's cloud services was horrible, their front end was an intrusive nightmare, and it would never leave me alone to actually get anything done with it. So I eagerly paid the early cancellation penalty and then used CleanMyMac to make sure I'd removed every little last bit of Adobe from my system.

I remember when Adobe made the software that professionals couldn't live without. Now they make the crap you can barely tolerate to live with.


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