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A Siberian Husky Responds to 6 Sunrises From Around the World

In the San Fernando Valley, California:

Nothin particularly extraordinary yet with #sunrise in #socal at 6:34...

A post shared by Thoth, Ma'at & Husky Familiar (@thothandmaatmarried) on

PJ Lifestyle editor Dave Swindle: "When you try and watch the sunrise every morning then you begin to see how much diversity there is among them and that every morning you're not blessed with something memorable. So in getting into an early rising schedule each morning becomes exciting -- what kind of sunrise will it be today? Maybe something you haven't seen before?"

Here are five better sunrises from around the globe today and yesterday:


Catania, Italy

Great Britain


#angkor #sunrise #sun #siemreap #cambodia

A post shared by Maria (@pinkfaint) on

Calheta, Madeira

Maura finds the San Fernando Valley lacking this morning in comparison:

What the #siberianhusky #maura thinks of the boring #sunrise in #socal

A post shared by Thoth, Ma'at & Husky Familiar (@thothandmaatmarried) on