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13 Weeks: A New Year


Yeah, I sort of went missing for a while there. As some of you may recall, I had been looking for a new day job, and went out to San Francisco to audition with a startup. The company is Sumazi and it's in the social media world, but still somewhat in stealth mode, so I can't talk about it too much yet. In any case, I've joined Sumazi; as befits an Internet company, I'm working out of my home in Colorado and not moving to San Francisco.

The interruption of traveling to San Francisco and all did interfere with my previous 13 Weeks experiment; as I said before, sometimes it's just a learning experience. But in two weeks it'll be past the Time of Diet Horror and Family Drama and it will be time to start a new experiment, so I'm getting my head around what I want to try next.

In the year-plus I've been doing that, I've come to see these 13-week experiments don't have to all be about what I'm eating; several other people have used the 13-week framework to do other things, from reading plans to personal finance. I think now what is important is that by establishing a change to try, and a limited period in which to try it, what we're really doing is establishing a structure for experiments in living life.

So this last six weeks have given me some other ideas; there are other things I want to change.