Judeo-Christian Themes in the Smashing Pumpkins’ Oceania, Part 9: Faith


Welcome to Week 9 of my series exploring Judeo-Christian themes in the Smashing Pumpkins' 2012 album OceaniaCheck out the previous posts if you want to catch up. Last week we talked about the concept of  The Way in Track 8, the title track. This week, I've pressed the skip button to check out Track 10, "The Chimera."

"The Chimera" is a driving, straight-ahead rocker. I have a lot of fun listening to it, and I imagine Billy Corgan enjoyed the recording process as well. Upbeat yet edgy guitars and pounding drums drive the track, and Corgan sings with abandon.

I can't really tell what the song is about exactly - the titular creature, a mythical combination of a lion, a goat, and a snake - doesn't appear anywhere in the lyrics. Some of the lyrics sound as if they come from the perspective of someone who is discovering faith and perhaps even singing to God.

I'll take you with me where I climb

In my mind, oh my mind


I'll take you with me where I keep

In my sleep, oh in my sleep

And if I'm wrong, I'm right

I'm never gonna lose you

If I'm wrong, I'm right

Take me to your life

All you need is you, lover

All you need is you

All you need is you, lover

So please need me too

What you need is love, stranger

What you need is love

When your love needs its danger

Please let me through when I've got you