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A Pub Inspired by 'Hobbitses', Dragons, and Wizards

thehobbit_1020_large_verge_medium_landscape There's a restaurant named after me? -Bilbo

Do you like beer? Are you excited for the release of the next part of The Hobbit?  Do you like spending evenings in cozy bars? If you said yes to any of these questions, then I suggest you head to Middle Earth-incarnate in Alexandria, VA.

Bilbo Baggins and the Green Dragon Pub. Yes, that is the name of the restaurant and its in-house bar.

Located in Old Town Alexandria, Bilbo Baggins Restaurant is the perfect mix of small-town charm and big city beer selection.

Bilbo Baggins prides itself on its tasty food and unique atmosphere, but its claim to fame is its extensive drink menu in its main-floor bar, the Green Dragon Pub. (The drink menu is 4 pages long in tiny, single-spaced font.)  With over 150 bottles of wine (32 offered by the glass), and 90 or so labels of beer available, The Green Dragon Pub holds up to its beer-soaked, fantasy namesake. Bottom line, Pippin would feel very comfortable here.

After you settle on a beer, peruse the menu. There's enough meat to satisfy Gimli, salads for Legolas, and a pizza named after Gandalf. In more food-specific jargon, choices range from pasta to salmon and yellow-fin tuna, to salads and steak.  I also recommend the pizzas--Smaug's Delight is a personal favorite.  (Yes, several of the menu items are named after characters from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.) Very "Hobbity," I'd say!