3 Great Southern Novels You Probably Haven't Read...Yet...

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We Southerners have earned a reputation as great storytellers - and rightly so. From the earliest days of the region, Southerners have held readers and listeners spellbound. The stories can be true - witness the real-life yarns spun by the late Lewis Grizzard, or listen to Jeanne Robertson tell a hilarious tale about an event that really happened - but the most compelling Southern stories stem from fictional accounts. From Joel Chandler Harris to Mark Twain to Flannery O'Connor to Cormac McCarthy, Southern fiction carries on this great storytelling tradition from generation to generation.

Southern writers have produced memorable novels over the years, many of which have turned into genuine classics. Novels like William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury, Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, and Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind have struck chords with readers all over the world, and readers and critics alike acknowledge them as great works of literature.

Yet for every classic Southern novel dozens fly under the radar. They don't get the notice that the famous books get - in fact, they don't receive the accolades they deserve. Here are three of those hidden novels. Enjoy!