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The 5 Most Overrated Experiences at Walt Disney World

Journey Into Imagination

Last week I shared five underrated experiences at Walt Disney World. I always enjoy sharing what I love about my family's favorite vacation spot -- in fact, I've joked about becoming a travel agent specializing in Disney trips. When that post went live, my friend and editor David Swindle issued a challenge. He said, "Now you really have to do the 5 Most Overrated Disney World experiences."

I thought about past attractions, like the lame 3D film Honey, I Shrunk The Audience at Epcot and its accompanying playground at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Or there's Dreamflight, Tomorrowland's late '80s attempt to update the superb If You Had Wings with a new sponsor. I considered upcoming ideas, like the forthcoming Avatar Land at Disney's Animal Kingdom - wouldn't a Star Wars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios make more sense, provide more fun and be more timeless?

After much deliberation, along with some brainstorming with my family, I chose to stick with current attractions. These are all experiences you can take part in currently. Some of them are attractions that have outlived their entertainment value or have become dated, while others represent time better spent doing something else. Regardless of the reason, you're better off avoiding these experiences -- or at least considering them strongly before undertaking them.