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How To Make 5 Delicious Shaved Ice Dessert Treats


If you’ve been tuning in, you’ve have read my product review on the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine, promptly went online and ordered yourself one and have been thanking me ever since. But variety is the spice of life so here are five unique recipes to go with your favorite summer kitchen appliance!

1. Sugar-Free Water Enhancers


If you’re shying away from making homemade snow cone syrup because you're watching your sugar intake, then you’re in luck. Liquid water enhancers are the hot new trend and major water brands such as Dasani and mega marts like Target and Walmart all producing their own line of liquid water flavorings, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to your low to no calorie shaved ice.

Sugar-Free Syrup


1 x 1.62oz bottle of your favorite water enhancer ( I like Wyler's Light Grape Water Enhancer   )

2 cups water

Lemon or lime juice, to taste.


Thoroughly mix the water enhancer with the water until they combine.

Gently drizzle over your shaved ice, to taste. About 2 - 3 tablespoons will do it.

The syrup will be concentrated, so be sure you mix well to get evenly coated, highly flavored, fluffy shaved ice

Add lemon or lime juice to taste – this will cut through the sweetness