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Dave Chappelle and Heckling as the New 'Racism'


Politically correct millennials (and a few Gen-X/Y enablers) have turned stand-up comedy into a peanut-free play-date, a spindly shadow of its former raunchy, nicotine-stained self.

(According to "comedy nerds," the more Patton Oswalt turns into a scolding teacher/cop, the more "brilliant" he apparently is. And don't forget this guy.)

Each week seems to bring an earnest new dorm-room-debate of the "are jokes about Topic X ever acceptable?" variety.

Or worse, some comedian is forced to apologize for a joke that would've been cut from a Dean Martin Roast as too tame.

I figured this week's non-issue was going to be "How Do You Tell a Story About Four Black Guys Mugging You Without Sounding Racist?"

I was prepared to loathe Phil Mazo's bit, assuming he was just another grovelling liberal "open mic" beta male.

Then I watched this video.

I hope you will too.

It belongs in a time capsule marked "America: 2013."