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Never Forget Vogue's Vile Propaganda for Syria's Glamorous Monster


Many thanks to PowerLine Blog for Monday's post "The Presience of the Walter Duranty Prize." The always thoughtful John Hinderaker recalled the winner of last year's Walter Duranty Award for Journalistic Mendacity, Vogue's Joan Juliet Buck and Anna Wintour for their unconscionable article "Asma al-Assad: A Rose in the Desert." Hinderaker excerpts from Claudia Rosett's speech, juxtaposing with the photos of John Kerry dining with the mass murderer. I appreciated this one in particular:

Instead, Vogue showcased as a breathless scoop a portrait of Syria’s ruling couple as a pair of classy and benevolent aristocrats; the kind of couple any self-respecting member of the global elite could admire and endorse without violating standards of either morality or the latest trends in Parisian footwear.


Visit PowerLine to read more. (And I shouldn't have to tell anyone this -- you should know by now that the PowerLine guys should be on your #ReadEverythingTheyWrite list.)