Down-home Cookin' in D.C.


This week’s culinary destination isn’t what I would call a “best kept secret” in Washington, D.C.  In fact, it’s one of the “go to” restaurants in The District—and for good reason.

Miss your mother’s meatloaf, corn on the cob, or simple, hearty food? Founding Farmers prides itself on being a “farm-inspired” restaurant; serving up American favorites with a pinch of modern flair and bushels of fresh ingredients. A collective of American farmers own Founding Farmers--and all of the restaurant’s ingredients are sourced from these farming families in order to give you the freshest meal possible.

There are two locations in the D.C. metro area, and soon to be a third in Virginia!  The restaurant in D.C.-proper is located near the White House—and is modeled after a rustic farmhouse. The dining space is an eclectic mix of old wood farm tables and a modern bar, stocked with colorful bottles and smiling bartenders. The atmosphere is homey and warm—a good indicator of the meal to come.