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Spice Up Your Traditional 'Carry out' Meal with Authentic Indian


The best Indian food I ever had was from a little Indian restaurant in Xi’an, China—cooked and served by an ex-pat Indian family.  They made banana naan in front of all the restaurant patrons and served drinks that looked like sculptures.  It was a meal of edible art.

I love Indian, but since my amazing experience at the restaurant in Xi'an, I have had a hard time finding a restaurant that I thought served authentic food and embodied the same spirit as my jewel in China.  Fortunately for me and my Indian-food cravings, I was able to locate a place worthy of praise in Alexandria, Virginia.

My roommates and I stumbled upon Dishes of India by accident—it popped up first on an online list of carry-out places in Alexandria--and it had decent reviews.  Note, the food is MORE than decent...

Bottom line, if Sheldon Cooper from the show, The Big Bang Theory, was going to add in another “carry-out” food night to his infamous food schedule, he would add in Dishes of India.  If that alone doesn't sell you, keep reading.  I guarantee your mouth will start to water.