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One Thing POTUS and I Agree on: Vermillion Restaurant


One of my oldest childhood friends was recently in town for a conference. After not seeing her for some time, naturally, I was ecstatic.  “Let’s go out to dinner,” she said. “Uh oh,” I thought.

This immediate reaction didn’t have anything to do with Cait personally, but her eating habits. As a five-year-old, I remember her diet was completely made up of chicken nuggets, pizza, and plain pasta. I admit I was abnormal as a young eater; I liked all veggies, seafood, and was willing to try just about anything, but Cait was especially difficult. Meal time at my house was always an interesting affair — even dessert. She wouldn’t even eat frosting.

Between our American Girl doll-play past and the present, I honestly wasn’t sure if her palate had developed much. Finding a restaurant to suit her could pose a challenge.

Thankfully, as we perused King Street in Old Town Alexandria, it became apparent that she was very much up for any kind of food: Indian, Thai, Greek, Pizza. I relaxed. We decided to “go big” and celebrate her first time in D.C. by spending the evening in one of the swankier places on King Street: Vermillion.