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Walt Disney's 'Boys': Beautiful Music, Brotherly Disharmony

The Sherman Brothers with Walt Disney

"It's A Small World." "Chim Chim Cher-ee." "Let's Get Together." "Tall Paul." "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow." If you've heard of any of these songs, you're familiar with the extensive work of the great composers and songwriters Richard and Robert Sherman. The Sherman Brothers worked together for 50 years until Robert's death last year. Though they did not work exclusively for Disney, their work for the Mouse is their most well-known.

I recently stumbled on a documentary that came out just a few years ago that dives into the history of Richard and Robert Sherman's amazing work. The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story brings the story of beautiful music and brotherly disharmony to the screen in an entertaining and poignant way.

The sons of noted Tin Pan Alley songwriter Al Sherman (in fact, Al paid the delivery costs for the birth of older son Robert with a royalty check that had arrived that day), Richard and Robert Sherman were born less than three years apart. Their family moved from New York City to Beverly Hills in 1937. Robert was an intellectual, studious boy, while Richard was more mischievous. Robert served and was injured in World War II, and the years of his combat stint meant that he and Richard entered college at the same time in New York.

Back in Los Angeles after college, Richard and Robert stumbled onto separate songwriting careers until a disagreement with a collaborator brought them together. An assignment to write a song for an Annette Funicello film led the brothers to Walt Disney:

Of course, the Sherman Brothers would work exclusively for Disney (both at the Studios and with Imagineering) for several years before working for other producers and studios - along with Disney - in later years.