7 Quick Tips for Parents of New College Students

Washington Statue, Fall 2009

August is here already! How did the time fly so quickly and those little toddlers on our knees suddenly turn into college students? Now that you’ve arrived at this life-changing moment, I wanted to offer a few practical tips to help make the transition easier for your family. I invite you to share your tips in the comments section. We are all in this together!

1. Amazon Prime Student

If you want to save money on textbooks and millions of other items, encourage your kids to sign up for Amazon Prime Student once they receive their college email address. The regular price for Amazon Prime is $79 per year, but for new students it’s FREE for the first six months and then half price after the intro period ($39/year). You get FREE 2-day shipping on virtually all products sold directly by Amazon and on many items sold by other vendors through Amazon. Sometimes even used products include Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping. In addition, members receive unlimited instant streaming of 40,000 movies & TV episodes and can borrow FREE Kindle e-books.