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Both Sides Now: Joni Mitchell Blasts Hometown, Deep South as 'Bigoted' — After Wearing Blackface


Lank-haired, hatchet-faced Canadian songstress Joni Mitchell threw a tantrum last week.

Her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, wants to build a museum in her honor (seemingly oblivious to the irony, considering Mitchell's quoted-to-death lyrics...)

Mitchell wants them to drop the idea:

There aren't enough people [in Saskatoon] who know what I do. (...)

I feel that it's very isolated, very unworldly, and doesn't grasp the idea of honor. (...)

Saskatoon has always been an extremely bigoted community. It's like the deep south, and the museum was one thing I thought would be beneficial for people. (...)

People don't get me there. They don't get my ideas. They just look at me like I'm famous. That's a minor part of it.

The mayor of Saskatoon responded with sanguine diplomacy to these insults.

Some Canadians, on the other hand...