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Move Over Cupcakes, Hello Pizza!


Thanks to TLC’s show “D.C. Cupcakes,” the Capital has been inundated with shops selling the mini desserts.  Cupcakes have graduated from kindergarten snack-day foods to being the “hippest” treat to eat.

Although cupcakes can come in a multitude of flavors and frostings, a cupcake is a cupcake.  You know what’s better than a cupcake? Pizza.

Not only is it socially acceptable to eat in large quantities, but, for the adventurous eater, it can come in a million different ways.  Stuffed crust, thin crust, deep dish, Chicago, vegetarian…  You get the picture.

There are so many pizza places in D.C. that I think the new, “cool” D.C. food should be pizza—not cupcakes.  Here is a great place to visit if you’re craving a delicious piece of “pie.”

In the District: H &Pizza

This place is so good, I ate there twice this weekend.  Pathetic, I know.

One of my friends told me about this gem—so we wandered up to H street NE on Saturday afternoon to check it out. They don’t deliver or take carry-out orders—so you have to walk in and order your masterpiece. But, I promise, it’s fun.

H &Pizza is located in a modern-looking row house and is just as sleek and modern inside.  Think stainless steel and minimalist decor.  In addition to the lovely air conditioning that hits you like a wave, the delicious smell of pizza greets you at the door like a savory perfume.  I was drooling before I even got to the counter.

The menu has “suggested” pizzas that you can order—amazing pies with names like “Kiss and Fire” that feature spicy tomato sauce AND strawberry balsamic or the “Backyard Garden” with homemade mozzarella, piles of arugula, and lemon vinaigrette.   There are nine “suggested” pizzas to choose from—it’s like picking a sports car out of a lineup of Maseratis and Ferraris.  Can you go wrong? Probably not.