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2 More Roadblocks For Electric Vehicles

317465-detroit-electric ..or is it?

As if Electric Vehicles didn’t have it tough already; they’re expensive, require specific infrastructure (that, in some places, is still nonexistent), and buyers are scarce. It seems the month of June has dealt the EV industry a few more unlucky blows. I bet the majority of the public won’t be very surprised…

Setback #1: A new home for Detroit Electric.

Remember Detroit Electric? No, maybe not. Their time in the spotlight was brief.

Detroit Electric made headlines a few months ago when they rose again from their dusty, Detroit grave. Headlines turned into raised eyebrows, mine included, when they released their new super car which was essentially a repackaged, electric Lotus Elise. Been there, done that.

I’m not one to hope for something, or someone, to fail, but I said it before, and I’ll say it again, Detroit Electric’s product and target market are going to be a tough sell. In fact, I don’t think more than 200 of these cars will even hit the market... if any are produced at all. Newest rumors out of Michigan unfortunately support this theory.

Auto Week is reporting that Detroit Electric hasn’t even settled on a place to PRODUCE their new super car, the SP:01 EV Roadster.  To make matters worse, production is (was?) scheduled to start in less than two months. Hiring for the plant has also been delayed.  Reports state that the car maker will hire around 200 employees for its office and new plant… whenever they pick it out.

Prediction: I just cannot help but read these reports and think, “yep, called that.” After years of setbacks, I’m honestly not sure if Detroit Electric’s car will even get off the ground. The combination of expensive super car that nobody can afford + an old design + massive delays = T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  I’m predicting Fisker part deux.