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3 Books Enzo Ferrari Would Want for Father's Day


So you're paging through your calendar and you realize it's Friday.  Yes, almost the end of the week! You decide to flip through your weekend and THERE IT IS: "Father's Day" scrolled sweetly across Sunday, June 16. Panic sets in. Whoops.

But, have no fear, there is still some times left and a multitude of awesome things to buy, or do, with your dad. Is he a car lover, a history buff, or a connoisseur of speed? Well, then I've gotcha covered.

Here are some great ideas to give Dad this weekend that he's sure to love. Even Enzo would want these gifts on his bookshelf!

For the IndyCar Dad:

Does your dad still talk about the "good ole' days of racing" with Mario Andretti, AJ Foyt, or Al Unser? If he's a fan of the Indy 500 and/or biographies, I have just the book for him: Janet Guthrie: A Life At Full Throttle.

Janet Guthrie's account of her breakthrough into both Indy and NASCAR is a gripping read. I found myself white-knuckling my book whenever she described her experiences in the cock-pit. The book is filled with funny inside stories with some of racing's biggest stars.  Your dad is sure to be impressed by Janet Guthrie, a pioneer in racing for women, and enjoy this little foray into history.  Expect intermittent chuckles -- Janet is a very witty writer.