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Even with Expansion, Tesla Supercharger Stations Still Lacking

today Charging Stations Today

In early April 2013, I wrote an article on why the electric car was not ready for prime-time use in the United States.  My reasons revolved around a large price-tag, questionable reliability, low-range batteries that require long periods to recharge, and lack of infrastructure in the U.S. to charge the cars.  Tesla, the beauty queen of EVs, and its lack of charging stations were the inspiration behind many of my problems with electric vehicles:

“[However] since stations are sparsely located in the Midwest, Dakotas, and Rockies (among other places), finding a place for your car to get its lightening juice may start to resemble a game of “Where’s Waldo?”

It seems Tesla realized that if it wanted real domination, it needed to expand its charging stations—and put pencil to paper to sketch out a possible solution.  Although a start, Tesla has a long way to go in order to both compete with gasoline and woo new buyers.

Note: Get ready to read lots of maps! Don't worry, it's good for you.