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DirecTV's Rogue is Raunchy and Ridiculous

DirecTV is about to enter the world of provider-creating original programming pioneered by Netflix. Its debut series is Rogue, a psychological cop drama that will launch on DirecTV's Audience channel beginning tonight at 9 pm eastern.

Thandie Newton stars as Grace Travis,

"a morally and emotionally-conflicted undercover detective, is tormented by the possibility that her own actions contributed to her son's mysterious death. In her quest for the truth, Grace finds herself striking out on her own and falling deeper into the city's most powerful and dangerous crime family. As Grace struggles to become the wife and mother her family now needs, her life is further complicated by a forbidden relationship with crime boss Jimmy Laszlo. In order to stay alive, Grace needs to help Jimmy find the traitor in his midst, while knowing he may have played a part in her tragedy."

That's what the publicity campaign says about the show's central character and driving plot. Unfortunately, that's about as good as the writing gets across the show's two debut episodes. The whole production looks stylish but has a lazy heart.

Early in the first episode, Grace does turns as an undercover cop trying to get inside gangster Jimmy Lazlo's (Marton Csokas) empire, and mom who never sees her kids. Her husband (Kavan Smith) is a tattooed, muscular Mr. Mom whose outward appearance hides a big softie. In real life it's hard to see how a police investigator as tough and courageous as Grace could put up with such a whiny man. By the end of the second episode, that problem seems well on its way to being solved. Body builder husband and bad boy Lazlo are equally implausible cardboard characters. Why Grace would bother tearing herself up over either one is never answered. Mobster or marshmallow: Why bother making that call?