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6 Classic Recordings That Have No Business Existing (Part Two)

Click here for Part One.

#3 -- "Takin' Care of Business" (1973) by BTO

Some Canadians consider the old "Hockey Night In Canada" theme song their country's "other" national anthem.

However, just as many would probably vote for this accidental tune by Bachman- Turner Overdrive.

(FYI: "American Woman" -- our other other anthem -- was improvised, too, at a gig at a curling rink after Randy broke a guitar string.)

Alas, the best version of this classic story is only available to premium subscribers to Dennis Miller's radio show.

But it's almost worth $50 just to surf along with Miller's contagious enthusiasm as Bachman -- a great storyteller as well as musician -- relates this mini-epic saga as only he can.