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3 Tips for ‘Owning’ Your Name on Google’s First-Page Results

Don't let other people control your online reputation. These easy steps can help you dominate Google search results for your name.

Kathy Shaidle


February 12, 2013 - 7:00 am
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I may be a blogging pioneer, but I’m not otherwise technically savvy.

I’ve never played a video game or “texted.”

I don’t even own a cell phone.

But along with blogging, one “techy” thing I know a little about is SEO, or search engine optimization.

At least, I did until Google ran their Panda and Penguin algorithm updates , and changed lots of their rules (mostly for the better) to punish folks who’d been trying to game the search-engine system.

And when you think of what’s at stake, it’s easy to understand why some “black hat” SEO “gurus” are always seeking the elusive formula for algorithmic alchemy, to turn search engine results placement into literal gold.

After all, an estimated 90% of Google searchers never visit page two of their results; getting your company’s site into those precious ten “page one” results for a popular and lucrative search phrase like “San Diego real estate” can mean increased business.

As well, dominating that first page when potential employers, spouses, or malicious trolls google your first and last name is a vital part of online reputation management.

I’m not an expert, but I’ve learned a few things about how to own (or at least, easily “rent”) your name on Google’s first-page results.

There’s not much you can do about nasty sites or pages devoted to dissing you unless they are literally slanderous and you can get a lawyer to send the site owner a “take down” notice.

However, you can try to push down embarrassing or nasty stuff by “owning” your page-one Google results.

These tips aren’t “tricks” — everything I’m about to tell you are all “white hat,” non-controversial things you can do to start taking control of your online presence.

TIP: Before you google yourself, ALWAYS sign out of your Google account, clear your browser cache and, if possible, use a program like HideMyIP to choose a different IP address.

Doing all this will more closely replicate what a total stranger will see when they search for you.

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Thanks for the tip.
2 years ago
2 years ago Link To Comment
One of the most important aspects of "owning" your name or getting your desired page, blog or social media account to rank high is about frequency of use. If there were a devious source attempting to hi-jack your name they most likely would be updating or posting on a blog or account frequently.

If you use your accounts often and have them optimized for your name you will have a low risk of hi-jacking. Google + is a good account to start with.
2 years ago
2 years ago Link To Comment
Wikipedia? Do you mean sign up as an editor using your real name? Or convince the others you are "notable" enough to be an entry?
2 years ago
2 years ago Link To Comment
We all remember what happened to Rick Santorum, don't we?.........

I guess the message is get it and take command of it before someone else does, especially someone that's hollow-ground the axe head to a knife edge and is looking for your neck. Otherwise, I'm not a professional blogger nor play one on telly - do I need to be concerned of this?..........
2 years ago
2 years ago Link To Comment
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