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I Kid You Not: The Top 4 Reasons I Don't Have Children


I bow to no one when it comes to admiring conservative author Mark Steyn.

I've traveled miles to hear him speak and even own "Mark Steyn" t-shirts.

However, he and I disagree about arguably his most famous conviction:

That we in the West need to have more children, pronto.

The European demographic collapse Steyn warned about in America Alone and After America acts itself out every night on the news.

I might joke that the best argument against Steyn's conclusion is, well, this.

But obviously, I know Steyn's right.

However, like Al Gore with his private jet, I just don't plan to do my part to ameliorate this state of affairs.

I never have.

When I was playing with a doll, all of age four, some nice lady bent down and chirped, "I guess you'll want a real one of those of your own one day...?"

I recoiled in horror. Normally a quiet (nay, catatonic) youngster, I can still hear myself bawling, "NO!!"

I have never entertained a different answer. Not even for a moment -- passionate, drunken, hormonal, or otherwise.

Why is that?

(Besides the obvious answer: Because gross!)