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7 Lies Women Need to Stop Telling Themselves

For some people, relationships lead to lifelong happiness. For everyone else, they're depressing vehicles of humiliation and frustration. For women, especially, figuring out how to transition from just dating to being exclusive -- and hopefully married -- isn't just a goal. It's practically a lifestyle. Women blunder through dating making mistake after mistake after mistake -- yet they can't figure out why Prince Charming still hasn't arrived. And while they cry into their Cheerios about how yet another relationship didn't work out, they're lying to themselves about why... why that guy didn't call back, why he didn't want to commit, why she got dumped.

Well, ladies, maybe if you stopped lying to yourself about why your 37th fling didn't pan out, you'd have bagged your happily-ever-after by now. Everyone makes mistakes, in relationships and otherwise. But if you constantly lie to yourself to soothe your pain, then how can you learn anything? Stop telling yourselves these idiotic lies, grow up, and maybe you'll have more luck in love.

1. All the guys I meet are jerks!

So every single guy you start dating ends up being a jerk, huh? They cheat on you, they cut and run after just a few weeks, or after a few promising months they announce that they're not ready for a relationship. So you sit there and bemoan your poor, pitiful dating life and wonder why -- why? -- you can't meet any good guys.

Well, here's the thing: you do meet good guys. And then you go on to ignore them in favor of the bad boy who has a reputation, because you just know that the magic of your love will change him. Or you refuse to take a look in the mirror to figure out why every guy you date runs away as fast as his feet can take him. You come on too strong, you're too clingy, you're too needy. Heck, maybe it's all of the above.

If every single guy that you date ends up being someone that you label as a jerk and a heartbreaker, well, the problem isn't everybody else. You can lie to yourself and say that you just can't meet any good guys, but they're out there all right. You just ignore them, put them in the "friend zone," or scare them away with your psychotic, desperate behavior.