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Shoes, Sheetrock, and the Skipper: 3 Surprising Things That Make a Man Sexy

What’s the female equivalent of “I’ll never get an erection again”?

I experienced that abysmal sensation when I learned that actor Alan Rickman was directing a play about deceased Jew-hater “activist” Rachel Corrie (or, as I like to call her, “St. Pancake").

You see, women’s sexual fantasies are notoriously... odd, as anyone who’s read Nancy Friday’s 1970s sensation My Secret Garden can attest. (I'll give you Mr. Spock, ladies. But Terry-Thomas?! Seriously?)

And up until the day he broke my, er, heart, my idea of a big thrill would’ve been sitting on Alan Rickman’s lap while he read aloud from the Manhattan telephone directory.

His face has been politely and aptly described as “anachronistic,” and he’s not as young as he used to be. And now we learn he's a leftist.

But that voice!

(What are you laughing at?)

Yes, gentlemen, you can fake a British accent and maybe get lucky (unless you happen to be in Britain at the time, where your American one will do the trick). But a permanently sexy voice is a gift.

Rather than focus on the things you can’t change, why not consider those you can?