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Vengeance Is Mine: The 5 Best Revenge Songs

To hell with “living well.” Revenge is the best revenge.

Some say creativity is fueled by sublimated lust, but what gets me into the “zone” is the juvenile, ultimately soul-destroying desire to give the world the metaphorical finger.

Maybe its' the “revenge of the nerds” impulse, mixed with a Napoleon complex, and an unhealthy sprinkling of free floating, anti-authoritarian resentment. Whatever.

I know full well that if I were to really go back to my high school reunion the way I always did in my cheesy Grade 10 fantasies -- stepping out of a limo, wearing a floor-length mink – the fact is, nobody would even remember who the hell I was anyhow.

I still don't care.

(And those stunts can backfire, as Janis Joplin discovered. What she didn’t get is that letting yourself die means the losers win.)