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Brave's Kelly Macdonald Didn't Make Princesses Her Childhood Role Models

via 'Brave's' Kelly Macdonald on Her Character Merida: 'She Makes Her Own Trouble' (Video) - The Hollywood Reporter.

Kelly Macdonald, who voices Merida, the red-headed heroine of Pixar/Disney’s Brave, isn’t very familiar with the Disney princesses of the past. But the one fictional leading lady she did look up to happens to have a lot of the qualities that Merida is bringing to the screen.

“As far as Disney princess go, I had watched Snow White, but I don’t think I’ve seen any others,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The figure I looked up to was Calamity Jane.”

Is it better for girls to aspire to be princesses or frontier women? Or can they be both? (While passing on some of Jane's shortcomings?)

Hat tip: The Mary Sue.