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Who is Jon Lovitz?

Jon Lovitz, formerly of SNL, is getting a lot of press lately for calling Obama an a**hole because he is inciting class warfare against the hard working rich, or 1%; a class which Jon is a member of after working his way up from nothing. He called Obama a liar for saying the rich don't pay their fair share. Whatever you think of his position, you have to admire that he is thinking for himself and speaking his mind.

Here is the now infamous moment:

Let's take another look at this funny man. Lovitz, a Democrat, has a history of hating liars. He developed his character Tommy Flanagan, the pathological liar, in response to his hatred of liars.

This is a clip of Jon as Tommy when he meets his match -- Pee Wee Herman.


As the cynical baseball scout in A League of the Their Own he stole every scene he was in (which wasn't many.)

Here's Jon just being funny on Comedy.tv, talking about how he's Jew-ish and has a soft spot for Mel Gibson: