The 7 Deadly Sins of Conversation

Many conversational habits can torpedo your friendships and alienate people. You can slip into them easily; next thing you know, you're wondering why the people at work don't want to go to lunch anymore and your buddies stopped returning your calls. Worse yet, once a bad habit becomes customary it can linger like a bad smell for years, ruining relationships and leaving otherwise wonderful people wondering why they can't make any of their friendships work. Rather than tiptoeing around the elephant corpse rotting in the living room, now's the time we set our sights on these killers hunting down people's social lives

1) Bad manners: In one of my favorite scenes from Season 2 of The Walking Dead, a couple of sketchy guys try to convince Rick to take them back to his camp. After talking a bit, one of them goes over to the corner of the abandoned bar, urinates, and makes a comment about "c**ch." After their bad manners reveal both men as trash, the boring nice guy Rick shoots both of them to death. There is a lesson here. Don't be crude. Don't treat maids or waiters rudely. Don't make an ass of yourself. Because even if it's not aimed at them this time around, other people in your presence will assume it says something about your character and think, "Next time, that might be me."