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In Defense of Starting an Argument in Public for Humanity's Greater Good

A few days ago, I took my kids to one of those places with giant inflatable slides that sane people avoid. My best friend was in town for her once-a-year visit home and in order to show the kids a "good time" took them to inflatable kid heaven, otherwise known as the Jump Zone.

It's always a mistake, with the noise level and the creeping panic attacks ("Is my kid ever going to come out of there and if not, will I fit because I didn't squeeze into my Spanx today?")  This time was no exception. I had a truth-moment that will be forever etched on my soul that announced over the loudspeaker in my brain, "Society is doomed. Most people are idiots." My father says he came to this conclusion many years ago and there's no big news in it.  I always held out hope that the majority of the idiots were the ones who landed on the news for tattooing their ex with depictions of excrement or on the Maury Povich show with a 200 pound eight-year-old. Most people, I thought, are your neighbors who are sane, decent folks. Not so! It turns out the world is littered with mopes and I have proof.

The Jump Zone is a terrible place to go if you want to catch up with a girlfriend. First of all, the noise level is deafening, but more importantly, the children roam free to create destruction like crazed Cornish Pixies and if you don't keep up with them they could bloody a nose or worse, walk out the door never to be seen again. (Don't get me started on the lack of proper caging structures.) Because of these dangers, my girlfriend and I exchanged about twenty words in an hour which all started with, "Did you see...?" or "Where is...?" And so we followed and searched and scolded and directed and assisted the way one must as a mother. Or I should say, should.